Playful, joyful and vivacious is the definition of Chöjé but what MAKES is YOU, bringing out the bearer’s best self.

A crackling combination of fine silhouettes and experimental elements, Chöjé is a celebration of liberated identity in fashion and form- one garment but several styles- it’s unique for every user. Put it in, dress it down, throw it in the mix or make it your accent, our fashion forward approach will let you own the garment and not the other way around.

Tierd of fitting in the box or simply boxed down by labels? Well, the only one you’ll receive from us is the one full of joy and promise. Fashion stylist and founder, Sana Kapur, played with fabrics all along and enjoyed the label-less, formless approach of the cloth and the happiness it can bring you if worn on ones own accord. Embracing the grace of personal styling and stirring, came forth CHÖJÉ- our beauteous brainchild bringing body positive couture in vogue. What deserves to trend is YOU, let CHÖJÉ reflect your most playful, gorgeous and confident self.


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