• Nadia Top


    Kicking in the athleisure look with our Nadia top. This top with its unique neck and arm detailing is a heart robber.

  • Ora Pants


    Bored of the conventinal joggers??
    Ora pants are here to the rescue. With the unique detailing at the waist and the bottom, these pants are a killer.

  • Timothy Dress


    This power dress will fuel in that lady boss in you. Perfect for your winter morning brunches. Pair it with long boots to add more drama to the entire look.

  • Gloria Dress


    Gloria dress is going to the show stopper look for anytime of the day. Super comfortable and super stylish, you can never go wrong with this one.

  • Irene Top


    Irene is here for that elegant look of the day. Pair it with georgia pants to complete the look

  • Paulina Dress- Yellow


    Some drama please?.
    Cause paulina dress is all about it!
    This one is a sure shot head turner.

  • Georgia Pants


    Georgia pants are a must have straight paisley print pant.
    The styling possibilities are endless?. Pair it with irene top to complete the look.

  • Khamello Dress


    With its rouching detailing and soothing print, khamello steals our heart !!

  • Melissa Pants


    Only if everything was as perfect as our melissa pants ?.
    Isn’t she a beaut !! Pair it with our katreena top to complete the look.

  • Katreena Top


    Did someone say comfort and style? Well, you can’t miss on katreena top in that case. Her comfort and chic quotient is on point! Pair it with melissa pants to complete the look.

  • Kazim Stretch Leather Pant – Black


    A stretch leather pant will amp up any look.
    This classic black is a must have!

  • Lapelo Pants


    Crafted in our inhouse designed print, these pants will add a pinch of elegance to any look. Style it with our emerald top, alisa top or our babina kaftan top and your are good to go.

  • Emerald Top


    Cow girl ?!? But make that ch?j? please…
    Well, emerald is all about that.

  • Naomi Dress


    Style her in numerous ways and get a new dress each time !!
    Isn’t this super cool??

  • Bolt Joggers


    Bolt is not your regular joggers, It is a ch?j? jogger.. The swarovski running alongside are enough
    to add some sparkle to your over look. Pair it with our nadia top to complete the look.

  • Bel Air Top


    This is what a super woman would wear!! This crop top looks best when paired with mykonos shorts or la vie pants.

  • Caya Dress


    Elegant and chic, Caya dress is a perfect choice as an anytime of the day wear.
    You can wear it to office and then straight to a lunch, looking chic, chic, chic!!

  • Anastasia Pants – Black


    Anastasia: Where comfort meets style.
    These 100% genuine leather joggers give an instant pump to your look and can be worn anywhere.

  • Carolina Dress- Black


    Pretty and elegant, This 100% genuine leather dress is a perfect winter vibe.

  • Normandy Pants


    These high slit, elasticated at the waist pants are a deal breaker !! Comfort at its best and style at its apex, these are your go to pants. Style it with our babina kaftan to complete the look.

  • Babina Kaftan Top


    Babina kaftan top is perfect for a stylish yet comfort look. The print is perfect for anytime of the day. Style it with our normandy pants for a coord look.

  • Josephina Dress


    Oh Josephina ! Your front and back detailing is so immaculate and that sleeve detailing calls for special attention.

  • Paulina Dress- Blue


    Some drama please?.
    Cause paulina dress is all about it!
    This one is a sure shot head turner.

  • Baby Boo Collar


    Baby boo !! This collar makes every look so happy. This can give an instant lift to any look.